Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Riders On The Storm

Had an early dart from work today so that I could take advantage of what little remains of the river season. The weather was insane with 90mph gusts forecast and lashing rain. I very nearly didn't bother but thought nothing ventured....
Finesse techniques were obviously out the window so decided to have my first go at the pike this year. I've had some good sessions in the past when it has been really windy - it often seems to stir them up and gets them on the munch.
I'd fished for a while with a real eel and hadn't had a sign of a fish so it was time for a change - on went one of Matt Holmes 'deadbait' jerks - this has already done the business for me and is one I have supreme confidence in.

Within minutes it had come up trumps again with this nice fish. I love my perch and chub fishing and if I had to choose one species - it would have to be perch - but the adrenaline rush when you find yourself attached to a good pike is hard to beat.

A short while later I had another solid take - unfortunately the poor light and shade from the trees fooled the camera and this is badly over exposed.

You always know you've had a good days (afternoons) fishing when you go home bleeding!

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