Sunday, 18 January 2015


Had a recce around Preston Marina today in the hope that the area might give me my first lure caught flounder. Although the marina is actually a few miles from the sea a quick surf had revealed reports of flounder being caught from 'The Bullnose' - a structure between the first basin in the marina and the river.
A minus 4 degrees walk to the car and a beautiful sunrise.

 Sky hooks attached to the heavy fog!

Upstream towards the city.


 A guy bait fishing for them had a small one while I was there so I know they are there!


  1. real fun. And as you are here reading this article, let’s assume that you are at least interested in fishing. A fishing reel is something that holds the fishing line

  2. It's funny Paul, but I've been looking at those little flat fish too recently. However my nearest would be Skegness?