Thursday, 7 May 2015

Children With Cancer 2015

Thanks to those of you still looking in even though it's been some time since I blogged. I haven't fished for over two months so I've had little to report.
I know one young reader, Dan Barlow has been missing the catch reports, so this one is for you Dan.
Wednesday saw the 2015 charity event in support of 'Children With Cancer' which is organised annually by Keith Edmunds and held at Suffolk Water Park on their Big Lake.

With strong winds already blowing pegs were initially drawn on the sheltered sides of the lake. Anglers had to stay in their allocated peg for 20 minutes before being allowed to roam at will.
I failed to stir any interest in the first swim and soon moved of down the lake and into the teeth of the strengthening breeze.
In the next  swim I found a friend just unhooking and weighing a good fish which turned out to be a PB!

I had a couple of hits and misses before finally getting one to stick. I played it to my feet at which point it rolled and very expertly spat the hooks!. This event is more about the cause than the fish or the fishing but losing fish is always frustrating! About half way down the lake and an hour into the competition this little beauty took a liking to one of my hybrid tailbaits, These lure which are made from the Savage gear Butch lures and the Real Eels made by the same company have become a firm favourite and, as on this occasion, saved many blank days. Quite by accident they have almost perfectly neutral buoyancy. They just hang on the stop and I can change from an ultra slow rise (about 30s per foot) to a super slow fall just by changing the trace. Long stops followed by a sudden dart have produced fish on the most difficult of days.

The tail on my most productive hybrid has seen lots of action and was a bit worse for wear and after a little nip during a retrieve came back a little on the short side! Fortunately I have a few of these and switched to a different pattern.

As the day wore on the winds got stronger and stronger making throwing large (and not very aerodynamic) lures increasingly difficult and it wasn't until late in the afternoon that I finally managed to tempt a better fish.

The wind and rain of the previous few days had stirred the relatively shallow lake up and visibility was very much reduced from my last visit to the lake and consequently the lake fished much harder. Nonetheless one of the anglers banked his first 20 lb fish, mid doubles were caught alongside a good number of fish in single figures.

The day finished with the raffle of prizes donated by the anglers and supporting businesses. It was a great day despite the tough conditions and the money raised is going to a great cause. The link below is for anyone who would like to contribute

Last year I drove to the event in the early morning, fished all day then did the long journey home in the evening (a 520 mile round trip!). Coupled with work the next day it nearly finished me off!.
This year a friend offered to put me up the night before so I had a leisurely drive down on Tuesday afternoon, a lovely meal and a decent nights kip followed by a full English breakfast ....absolute heaven.
So I end with a massive thank you to Ste and Kaz for their fantastic hospitality and for making supporting this event so much easier.


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