Sunday, 27 April 2014

Night and Day

Having spent all day Saturday decorating (for a change!) I decided I'd try a first go at fly fishing in the dark in preparation for the main sea trout run. I got to the river about 7pm and fished well downstream of the area I intended to fish in the dark. I hooked a lively trout on the medicine fly which turned out to be a foot long green thing with loads of nasty teeth -it had very nearly chewed through the mono leader!.

Had a play with the macro function when I spotted some saphire beetles getting jiggy with it!

As the light started to fade I made my way upstream to the tail of a pool with a short riffle to the head of the next pool. I have no idea yet where the sea trout will be found but figured this gave me a few options of different types of water to practise on.

I'd forgotten insect repellent and had to resort to smoking a rather nice Cuban cigar to ward them off !

It was hard to be patient and follow all the advice and wait until it was fully dark before making a first cast - but the scenery certainly helped.

As I sat waiting I spotted a splash way downstream and thought at first it was just some ducks - I got the camera and realised it was an otter fishing its way upstream and heading towards me! All of a sudden it popped up on a log in the middle of the river - and was quickly joined another! The light was fading fast and the camera did a good job of compensating for the low light. I managed to capture this at almost maximum zoom.

I didn't really fancy my chances as this pair swam right past me and on up through the pool but I waited until the first star appeared before having a go.

It was interesting to say the least casting without being able to see the line and relying solely on feel. Wading in water when you can't see the bottom is a tad scary too!

I only fished for an hour of darkness as, if you are not off the car park by 11pm, you have to stay until 7am!
I had two tentative plucks from something but didn't manage to hook into anything. I discovered that retying a leader even with a headlamp is not easy in the dark with my gozzy eyes - particularly threading the line through the eye of the fly!
I did hear a couple of splashes as fish crashed out - somewhere out in the pitch black so maybe I'm in the right area but who knows?

Sunday morning saw me back out with the lure rod - the river has been painfully low and clear for weeks now - the last small lift was just before I caught my salmon. I decided to have a look at the last unexplored stretch available on my new club card - and what a fantastic stretch - it has everything, deep pools and bends that look very pikey/perchy and fast pocket water and even paced long glides that look very chubby - I can't wait for the coarse season to open.
I managed a few brownies all around 10-12oz and as usual bumped a few too.

The' Lancashire Trout' were properly on it today and I had a string of four pounders before this one at a shade over 5lb. The law is an ass when others can happily catch chub from still waters whilst I have the edge taken off these captures because they are out of season - it just makes no sense to me at all?

I gave up as the trout went down and despite trying all the lures I thought the chub might ignore they were just hitting everything - my nightmare is bagging one of the monsters and having a PB that doesn't really count.
I contented myself taking a few pics and enjoying the sun.

Roll on the 16th!

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