Saturday, 19 April 2014


Took my new flies for an early morning swim and to get some practice with the 9# fly outfit -a bit heavy for this little chap who showed his approval of the flies - which was nice!

When I spotted a trout gently sipping in a few flies I cut the wet fly off and tied another of my dry mayfly patterns on - took a few casts to get the drift just right before it took - unfortunately it turned out to be an out of season chub!

Then had a play with my new waterproof case for the camera - nothing interesting to see but I can see the potential forsome nice lure and/or fish shots using it. It's basically just a camera shaped waterproof bag and not easy to use - I really fancy a Go Pro next.

Arrived home to find this wating for me - which was also nice - I shall wear it proudly!

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